► Product Portfolio

Sophisticated in house video analysis algorithm is used for stabilising video to avoid camera shake. Using computer vision program, the app identifies the object movement frame by frame, readjust and align the images in the video after apply a smoothing formula to ensure the video flow smoothly.


Advanced optical character recognition technique is applied in this app to cater user real time on camera translation. By using the web service and offline dictionary files, user able to translate any words to any language on the spot without delay.


Real time stock price feed via web service is used in this app to provide user the latest financial stock data. Advanced charting tool is used for plotting the stock price, historical data with different charting option, such as candle stick, volume etc.


Sophisticated sun position algorithm is used in the app. By tracking the user current location GPS, and sun position calculation based on the time and location, the app will able to determine the sun position. Incorporated with the mobile phone compass feature as well.


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► Project Portfolio

A freelance project requires to develop entire stock trading platform on iPad. This app allows user to perform stock trading, analysis, and tracking for the latest stock info and news using the software vendor propriety back end trading system.



Android app allows user to perform stock trading and quick glance on stock qoute. The Android app is using auto layout that supports multiple device screen size. Entire app is built on Android native components to ensure fast performance.
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► Web Portal Portfolio

Web portal that coded using HTML5, PHP and JQuery that allow user to plan travel itinerary and log the travel journal on the travel. This portal integrates with Google map to pin the user itinerary location and the location is tied to multimedia or journal uploaded by user.



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