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This app tracks the sun position using clock visualization,which you can spin the clock ring to see the sun movement. Great for photographer and traveller.
This app does well on the stock comparison on the user stock watchlist, it compares stocks by fundamental data such as ROE, Price Book etc by representing different color depth. It also includes technical charts.
This app contains 2500 newspapers around the world, what’s more, it provides 16 language translations so no more language barrier, you can read any newspaper from any country.
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► Recent Projects

This is a freelance project which requires me working on iPad app. This app allows user to perform stock trading, analysis, and tracking for the latest stock info and news. A full fledged trading platform.

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► Recent Portals

This is a web portal that providing the travel itinerary tracking services, where user can log the accommodation, travel option, journal and photos on each destination on the itinerary. The itinerary is populated on Map.

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