I have always have this fascination to create my own software that people will find it useful, and to help people. Thus I start striking out making my own software.

I started to experiment on different software ideas, testing the market, and constant looking for channels to push the software. In the process I get to learn new skills, constantly thinking of new ideas, and taking up new technical challenges. So far I have been enjoying what I am doing so far.

After a few experiments, at the moment i will be focus on these 2 areas:

App Store

I found the App Store is the easy way to offer software where a marketplace for anyone can download the software to their mobile device. It makes my software has more visibility and accessible to user.

So now i would be writing software to release them to the App Store. This is kind of delight learning there are people using your software and can assist them in one way and the other.


Freelance Project

If you seek for software consultation, wanted to outsource your software work and looking for capable software designer and developer, do contact me and i will see how can I assist you on this.

I can analyse the problem, propose solution and make recommendation. I can custom make software based on the client requirements and advise you the clean and intuitive software design.


What’s Now

Don’t hesitate to contact me now. We can talk it over a cup of coffee.

10 Anson Road
26-04 International Plaza
Singapore, 079903

Email: hongonn@gmail.com

Between you can also visit the company website. Take a look of the apps available in the App Store  and you might find something useful for you.

Tapclay Mobile


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