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Recently just launched a new company website which also meant for the iPhone app support. This is a total revamp and the old support website will be disposed. So now all the iPhone app will be released under the company account.

The new company is named as “Tapclay Mobile”. Here is why:


Tap is an action for using mobile device app. Using “Tap” word user will get the idea this company is about mobile app.





Clay is about creativity and imagination that people can mold the clay to any shape and any object. Software is the same. You can build any software to do anything that you want.



So there you go this is how the company name “Tapclay Mobile” being named. The suffix Mobile is to indicate this company is to do something related with mobile devices.

The new company website is now up and running. It is to offer user support for the apps. Take a look and buy some apps. Thank you.


Tapclay Mobile