Web Portal

This web portal is meant for user to plan their travel itinerary and write their travel journey on the website. All the user entries are organised in the map. Each entry is an destination on the map. User can log the accommodation, and transport mode, upload travel photo and write an journal   on the destination.

So users have every details logged on the itinerary and present nicely on the map. This is good for user to review the travel in the future, or to check the transport or accommodation planned earlier. User can also share the itinerary with family or friends.

This website is coded on PHP and JQuery. Due to the intensive database operation on this website, PHP object mapping database library Doctrine is used for this project. This is a data layer for translating PHP objects into relational database. To hide the data mapping from the PHP code. Something similar as is Hibernate in Java.

The decision to go PHP instead of Java or JSP is because most of the web hosting provider only provide for PHP ready website. At least for the server sharing option. To run Java or JSP on a Tomcat server will require to pay for a dedicated server that allows Tomcat installation.

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