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Turbo Scanner

This app incorporates many computer vision technologies and in house algorithms. The app will detect the document and segment the rectangle shape which facilitate the auto crop.

Built in image processing will help to enhance the object edge to produce fantastic black and white copy. Auto contrast and color the document to produce a perfect cartoon color copy. There are  other image processing methods.

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Intensive camera manipulation on this app to achieve effect that cannot be done by the camera sensor. Such as multiple exposure and multiple shots and combine images to produce a high resolution, noiseless and highly detailed image.

Many computer vision and openGL algorithms are used to achieved the effect such as the HDR or low light.

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In house proprietary algorithms to remove camera shake from the video. Using computer vision technique to identify the movement of objects between frames in the video. Apply smoothing technique to the object movement, realign the image to reduce camera shake.

Overall the techniques transform a shaky video into a smooth motion video. User allow to upload the stabilised video to any social media with the desired resolutions.

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A resourcefully stock app allows user to better analyse stocks, visualize the stock data in graphic tool and stock charts. The app aggregates information related to the selected stock via comprehensive use of the web services.

Graphical charting tools are intensive use to demonstrate the stock historical data, chart representation option and the technical indicators.

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Translate words right on the mobile phone camera. In house alteration on the optical character recognition to make the text recognition fast enough to identify word on the camera frame.

Provides both online and offline translation if any word is identified on the phone camera. Web service is called upon online translation. Offline translation is done on the house comprehensive dictionary files.

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Dictionary Offline

The app make use of the free dictionary data source, compile the source into dictionary available via web service. User can download the dictionary and once downloaded, dictionaries can be used offline.

There are total more than 50 dictionaries available for user to look for definition or translation.

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Allows user to snap a photo of the document and instantly optical character recognition the text on the photo. This text recognition is coupled with online and offline translation.

Multiple mode available for user to extract the text from image. User can swipe to highlight only the text required to extract.

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Traffic Cam+

This app offers more than 20,000 of traffic camera around the world. The most comprehensive traffic camera app in the App Store. User can select preferred cameras and put on the mobile phone screen.

The app will constantly refresh the traffic camera view so the user will be viewing the latest traffic condition.

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Sophisticated sun position calculation by tracking the user location, using the phone built in GPS. To calculate the sun position, the phone compass is used to determine the phone orientation and direction.

The app also provide other information such as sunset, sunrise, golden hour, azimuth and elevation.

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