★ iPad Stock Trading App

This freelance project require to provide the client a full fledge trading platform on iPad.  The extensive of the UI requirement is almost trying to convert the client working stock trading website into iPad and more.

The iPad app incorporate many web service calls to the client proprietary backend system. So many calls and functionalities to the extend a library is coded to manage the API calls and message translation into iOS objects.

Preliminary study is required for the project such as the best charting tool for the requirement, stock alert and notification implementation, data storage and connectivity etc. And other UI functionalities to translate into the app.

Some of the requirements:
☛ Connectivity and parser engine
☛ Candle stick chart / pie chart graphing
☛ Freeze pane table
☛ Dynamic configurable stock columns
☛ Stock ticker bar and rotate view
☛ Stock expand view
☛ To name a few more…

★ Android Stock Trading App

  This Android project is to implement stock trading on the mobile phone and to provide as much functionalities before the app too heavy to affect the phone performance.

Intensive research of Android UI components is done on the project to convert the web UI components into Android platform. Best native components were to determined before project starts.

This project is coded with auto layout in mind to ensure the app UI will be consistent and presented in perfect position and behaviour in both Samsung and Nexus phones.

Some of the requirements:
☛ Connectivity and parser engine
☛ Pop up menu
☛ Customized tool bar
☛ Multiple paging view
☛ To name a few more…
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